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Anyone can submit a manuscript, whether you're a professional scientist, a journal editor, or a citizen scientist, the reviewer marketplace accommodates all.

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Your work is paired with the proven experts of your manuscript's field. They choose their terms of their services, and together, you create something wonderful.

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Eureka! Your manuscript has now been curated by the world's leading experts. Take your improved work and share your discoveries with the world.


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Congratulations! Once the review process is finalized, you’ve just earned yourself some review credits!
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submit your own work, share credits with the community, or convert them to fiat.

Our platform reintegrates reviewers within publishing community and celebrates their contributions to science, finally giving them the recognition they deserve.

As a participating reviewer, you can finally put a value on your professional peer review services. Search
for available manuscripts in your field of expertise that need revision and submit an offer to review it.


In-line Annotation

Our web-based annotator simplifies reviewing by integrating into the reviewers' natural workflow. Create feedback the moment it pops up.

Efficient Reviewing

Each review request is individually 
addressable enabling a never-before-seen level of scientific correspondence. No more bottlenecks.


Built with you in mind.

Our multithread, asynchronous peer review service revolutionizes the revision process.  Learn more ›

Opening the Process

Anyone can access the valuable critique of expert scientists from around the globe. Our diverse marketplace ensure your work falls in the right hands.

Modernized User Experience

Our streamlined workspace cleans and standardizes the review process. No more fuss, just science.


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